Features of Fyntech V2

By using Fyntech V2's integrated sales management and back office management systems, you will automatically be able to fulfill mandated traceability requirements and be able to easily manage recalls if ever called for. It will effectively alleviate the added burden of regulatory compliance without additional cost or effort. In addition, the traceability functions can be utilized to help you market your products. Quickly and easily target the promotional messages for your product specifically to the interests of your customers as well as to retailers and consumers at the point of sale.

Comply with Government Regulations
  • Satisfy EU Tracefish regulations that will be required as of January 1, 2005
  • Meet US Country of Origin Labeling laws required as of September 30, 2004.
  • Maintain data structure to meet new government regulations that are enacted
  • Easily perform complete and accurate recalls according to HACCP guidelines
  • Generate all traceability documents as required
Use Traceability Information to Help Market your Product
  • Reassure buyers that your products are safe and reliable, while presenting a case about why your product is different and better
  • Tailor each message to best fit the audience, whether it be a re-processor, distributor, retailer, or consumer
  • Provide information that will help your customer sell your product to his customer
  • Provide 3rd party certification of product origin and quality
Sales Management
Back Office Management