Setup & Support

Within 2 to 3 business days you can be up and running and realizing the benefits of managing your sales with Fyntech V2. Configuration and user training is quick and easy and the transition is done without disruption to your current business. Expert instructors will assist you with:

Set-up & Configuration for Your Business
  • Establish Product Definitions specific to your business
  • Configure to track product inventory from production through sales and delivery
  • Input your Customer List and Contact Information
  • Set-up databases to link and download to your back-office activities and programs
End User Training to Fit Your Sales Process
  • Add and manage product flow and inventory
  • Create, negotiate, and close sales offers and generate contracts
  • Generate and record invoices and shipping documents
  • Set-up and run management reports to track and improve your business
Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting
  • V2 is programmed with an extensive Help Menu selection
  • Assistance with specific questions available online through email
  • Telephone assistance available during normal business office hours