Fyntech V2—For Seafood Producers and Dealers
Fyntech V2 is a sales management application that will enable you to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The secure web-based application can be deployed quickly and easily, and accessed via browser at any time from anywhere.
  • Fyntech V2 provides more meaningful real-time information to help you realize higher sales prices;
  • Streamlines back office information management operations; and
  • Puts you in compliance with new government traceability regulations.
Sales Management
Track Products to be Sold
Create Flexible Sales Offers Consistent with How You Sell
Negotiate, Analyze, Compare, and Confirm Sales
Communicate with Customers Confidentially and Securely

Back Office Data Management
Manage Inventory
Fulfill Sales Contracts
Record and Monitor Logistics Information
Create and Manage Invoices

Comply with Government Regulations
Use Traceability Information to Help Market Your Products