Features of Fyntech V2

Sales Management
Fyntech V2 automates and enhances your current sales management process to help you sell more effectively and improve your results. The increased specificity and structure provided by the system will allow you to offer, negotiate, and confirm sales more quickly and accurately. Your enhanced customer service will increase understanding and advance valuable customer relations. At the same time, the focus on pricing will be emphasized to help you make more intelligent selling decisions to achieve higher prices and better margins. The sales functions provided by V2 will enable you to:

Track Products to be Sold
  • Products from inventory
  • Products not yet produced
  • Products purchased from others
Create Flexible Sales Offers Consistent with How You Currently Sell
  • Single Offers—between seller and one customer
  • Multiple Offers—between seller and multiple customers
  • Private Auction Offers—between seller and many customers in private auction setting
  • Consignment Offers—between seller and consignee and the consignee's customers
  • Internal Offers—for recording sales made outside Fyntech V2
  • Provide customers with highly specific product information
  • Offer in any measurement or currency
  • Price suggestions can be initiated by either seller or customer
  • Specify business terms and sales prices with precision
Negotiate, Analyze, Compare, and Confirm Sales
  • Negotiate sales either online or offline
  • Review, track and compare all open and closed offers
  • Compare prices on offers made to multiple customers
  • Analyze sales costs and terms to yield net price
  • Sort offers to maximize net sales revenue
  • Automatically calculate Net, CIF, and Gross prices forward and backward
  • Calculate with different measurements and currency exchange rates
  • Chronologically record complete history of each negotiation
  • Generate sales contracts automatically as sale is consummated
Communicate with Customers Confidentially and Securely
  • Conduct business and communicate with customers in a private password- protected environment with state-of-the-art technology
  • Automatically send contact notification to customer
  • Organize and maintain online communication records by customer and offer
  • Automatically provide customers with real-time access to transaction history and records
  • Automatically generate records and reports to fulfill customer information requests
Back Office Management
Traceability Compliance and Reporting