Features of Fyntech V2

Back Office Management
Along with Sales Management, Fyntech V2 incorporates Inventory, Contract Fulfillment, Logistics, and Invoicing functionality to seamlessly integrate and manage all critical information. Working together, these parts reduce time needed for clerical work while increasing speed and accuracy to substantially improve the efficiency of your back office operations. This will reduce customer claims, create faster turnover of your product and cash flow, and result in higher profits. With Fyntech V2 you will be able to:

Manage Inventory
  • Manage all "virtual" inventory including products in transit, in storage, and in production
  • Customize your product definitions to be easily recognized industry wide
  • Establish lots, tracking identities and incorporate production data
  • Continuously monitor status of product that is On Hand, Offered, Committed and Available for sale
  • Easily adjust amounts and weights and display in any measurement
  • Record and maintain history of inventory changes
Fulfill Sales Contracts
  • Manage all phases of contract fulfillment process
  • Fill contracts with products already specified or to be specified in the future
  • Allocate products to contract flexibly, from any source
  • Maintain real-time status of contracted product allocated and due
  • Maintain real-time status of product delivered or en route
  • Generate and manage required documentation
Record and Monitor Logistics Information
  • Manage all cold storage holdings and shipments by sea, air, truck or rail
  • Enter and track transshipments
  • Generate cold storage and shipping documents
  • Sort and display information by lot, location, shipment or storage holdings
  • Record and maintain history of product movement
  • Communicate logistic information to consignee online
  • Link and organize logistic information by sales contract and invoice
Create and Manage Invoices
  • Create and manage all types of invoices including provisional, partial, revised, final, etc.
  • Select from a wide array of invoice forms
  • Automatically generate a single invoice for an entire sale
  • Create separate invoices for each delivery
  • Create invoices based upon payment schedule
  • Create customized invoice to fit any terms
  • Easily make adjustments for quantity variances or pricing changes
  • Generate relevant credit memos
  • Make invoices directly available to internal accounting and/or customers
  • Invoices can be integrated with a company's internal accounting system to directly and automatically download all sales information.
Sales Management
Traceability Compliance and Reporting