About Fyntech

Fyntech, LLC, is a three-year-old private company based in Seattle, Washington. The principles and employees behind V2 have over 30 years of experience in the seafood business including many aspects of harvesting, processing, and sales. This practical hands-on industry involvement has been combined with the valuable experience earned through successfully managing, developing, launching, and servicing online applications and IT systems.

Fyntech LLC is the trusted provider of Fyntech V2, a comprehensive sales management system delivered via the Web. Fyntech V2 enables seafood producers and dealers to easily and cost-effectively promote and offer products in a multi-lingual, multi-currency environment; negotiate, compare and confirm sales—all resulting in higher sales prices, streamlined back-office information management, as well as compliance with upcoming government traceability regulations. With easy-to-use tools, V2 is fully customizable to match the way you do business.

To ensure the successful implementation of our product, our expert instructors assist clients with general implementation, end user training, integration of third-party applications, as well as provide ongoing support.

For more information about our product please email us at:
USA: sales_english@fyntech.com
Japan: sales_japanese@fyntech.com